Trumpf Press Brake Tooling for Sheet Metal Process

Trumpf press brake tooling is a creative bending tool for the sheet metal process, which offers precise and common European & Wila Trumpf style tooling. It includes punches, dies, adapters, Die holders for any simple and complex bends. It supports segmented, solid length, and half-length sizes. It has a stable tool life and safe precise bends at cost effective price.

Trumpf press brake tooling can punch high quality bends for 90 Degree & Acute angles. Trumpf bending process involves 4 bends: Air bends, bottom bends, folding,& panel bends. It uses hydraulic power to apply force, The top punch can compress onto the V die to form the metal shape. The back-gauges ensure the sheet plate with precise positioning. we have full lines of dies for Trumpf tool storage, including acute punch and dies, the segmented and full length of 6000 mm. We offer a Trumpf press brake tooling catalog with a customized design.

We adopt the latest bending technology for Trumpf press brake tooling cabinet solutions. The clamp system supports a flexible quick change for hydraulic & CNC press brakes. our Trumpf style punch tooling can meet all tool automation with intelligent software. We can assist with Trumpf press brake error codes and how the tools support the process. Please call us to find our Trumpf press brake tooling on sale today.


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