Thick Turret Tooling for Sheet Metal Works

Thick Turret Tooling is a punching dies for sheet metal works, it includes Amada, Euromac, Tailift, Wilson tools, Murata, and Mate Turret tooling. It has quick change tooling, multi tools, and forming tools with high performance. Mate Mate precision tooling has a feather with fewer setup times & more flexibility. Amada thick Turret tooling is a high speed, cost-effective way to make multi holes for sheet metal works.

The thick turret punch press has a comprehensive range of thick turret tooling systems. The thick turret system includes punches dies, Guides, springs etc . the thick turret can be divided into A-E stations based on the sizes of Punching tools. The turret punch can make holes in a variety of many holes in a sheet of metal. It uses a punch to push a piece of metal to create a hole. and a die on the other side of the hole to contain the metal. Correct die clearance between the punch and dies assures normal tool life & punching without defect.

Turret punch tooling types include standard cast dies, and forming stamping dies, & plastic injection molds  . we adopt a hardened steel guide, providing four times more grind life than traditional old style guide assemblies. we can offer you a full range of thick tooling for murata wiedemann from ‘A’ through to ‘E’ station. Complementing this, we offer custom compatible tooling, tool holders, reducers, and guide assembly.


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