Standard Press Brake Tooling for Industrial bending

Standard press brake tooling works in metal brakes and most standard press breaks for sheet bends, we offer European and American standard tooling systems. It includes top punches, bottom dies, Die holders, and a manual clamping system. the purpose of industrial Standard tooling is to provide you with a cost, high-quality tooling solution.
standard press brake tooling

Standard Press Brake Dies is hardened and ground, and can work with perfect delivery. It uses bending pressure to fabricate sheet metal into a forming shape. It forms Pre-bends by clamping the work piece between the matched punches and dies sets. we have a wide variety of press brake tooling selections. and the segmented press brake dies can be standard 835mm,800mm 415mm, or full length.

We offer full production lines of brake toolings with a customized, fast, and precise industrial solution. The new standard Press brake Tooling has a high quality hardened steel material:42CrMo,42Cr. T8. We offer 4 way dies, Multi-V Die, adaptor, standard punch tooling for the standard machines, also we can customized hemming tools, step bending tools according to your standard press or bending profile. To make sure your max productivity, please contact us for your own bends solutions.


General Applications

Power Cabinets

Industrial cabinet box

Pole Fabrication

Light Pole

Decorative Fence



Car Process



Elevator Industry


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