Sheet Metal Bending Machine

Sheet Metal Bending Machine


Sheet metal bending machine for sale, A brake is a metal working machine that can bend metal sheets at an angle. This bending machine is used for forming parts such as corrugations, flanges, etc.

This bending operation is subjected to the bending force. It can use a flat square sheet to curve a sheet with the desired angle. It forms metal bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching to punch and lower die.

cnc cnc sheet metal bending machinesheet metal bending machine
CNC sheet metal bending machine with DA66W

Main Feathers

This press brake is a welded steel structure, with full strength & rigidity. The machine is equipped with hydraulic electric control. It can adjust slider travels, inching, semi-automatic, and automatic operating.

The hydraulic system may realize quick and quick decline, working speed, quick return, and sudden stop during work in the process of up and down, etc.

Automatic sheet metal bending machine with CNC controller DA66 for high precision & accuracy. and It can option with the crowning system.

An automatic CNC crowning system for improving sheet metal machines quality; a servo driven back gauge system for increased speed; a 3D graphical touch screen to simulated the bending sequence.

DA66T cnc sheet metal bending machine
DA66T CNC controller

Automatic sheet metal bending machine with CNC controlled back gauge

A back gauge is a component used with a press brake machine to position work pieces for bending. It can be moved and positioned to allow a press brake to create a variety of complex bends.

Ram stroke (Y) and back gauge(X, R, Z) are controlled by CNC system.
X controls back gauge to move front and back.
R controls back gauge to move up and down.
Z refers to back gauge fingers move left and right.

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