Shearing Machine For Metalworking Industry

Shearing Machine is a cutting tool for the metalworking industry, and we offer sheet metal shears, including Hydraulic, Guillotine, CNC, and manual type. It has a wide range of shearing solutions in the sheet metal fabrication industry. It can do this job with high precision and more safety. It is a simple operation for smooth working, which for long run life.

This Metal Shear machine consists of a Frame, working holder, shear blades, and back gauge. First, it uses a working holder to clamp the sheet plate, then, the top moving blade comes to the fixed lower blade. Thus, the shearing operations are performed by the action of the two Cutting blades. And it can breaks sheet metal plates into required lengths with a fixed cutting angle. The blade gap can be adjustable according to the wide variety of material thickness.

The plate shear adopts lasted technology and high performance for metal processing. Our stable and robust metal plate shearing machines feather all-welded structures for top-quality cutting. with one top blade and a lower die included. the standard square arms are included. We offer the shearing solution for mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. If you need an automatic, mechanical shear, or hydraulic shear machine, please contact us for more solutions today.


General Applications

Power Cabinets

Industrial cabinet box

Pole Fabrication

Light Pole

Decorative Fence



Car Process



Elevator Industry


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