Punch Press Tooling

Punch press Tooling is used for sheet metal Stamping die manufacturing, It includes Thick Turret, Wiedemann, Trumpf style, Amada turret punch press tooling. The punch press dies have a long & short structure for various material thicknesses.  Turret punch forming machine is a high speed, fast way to make holes for sheet metal.

This CNC Punch press tooling has standard, special, and forming tooling designs. such as stamping dies, cast dies, and plastic injection molds. It can make multi-holes in a wide variety of different diameters in one punch stroke. The CNC Punch tools include punch, strippers, dies, and Guides, etc. It uses a punch to push a piece of metal to create a hole. and a die on the other side of the hole to contain the metal. If punch and die aren’t aligned for round-hole, the tool life and machine life will suffer.

JSTMT is always improving our process, quality to meet customer’s CNC turret punch tooling and service. our products include precise stamping punch and die for automobiles & other press molds. we offer thick turret tooling & Thin Trumpf style tooling, Wilson tools, and cluster punch tools. Book a precise tool for your servo-electric or heavy-duty punch machine? Please contact for your turret punch for thin steel.


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