Press Machine for Metal Stamping Industry

Press Machine is a stamping tool for Punching steel in shapes in the Metal Fabrication Industry, and It includes Hydraulic, Power, heat press machines. The stamping press process covers forming, drawing, trimming, blanking, and punching. It is widely used in electronics, medical, and construction fields. The sheet metal stamping press machine can meet the needs of mass production, high quality, and low cost.

Hydraulic press machine

The punch press machine composes of a bolster plate and ram. The stamping process works by forming the metal between two parts of the press tool. The upper beam is attached to slides of the press, and the bottom part is attached to the bolster plate. Some large presses also have a die cushion in the bolster plate, which can help apply blank holder forces.

We have a wide range of metal press machines to choose from, based on your requirements. Like any other equipment, a mechanical and hydraulic press machine needs to be well maintained to ensure tight tolerances. and make sure this type of machine wear and tear is also normal. We should often check the parts and replaced them when necessary. If you are not sure about the punching force and the dies or buying a heat press machine 15×15, please contact us for solutions with the best press machine price.


General Applications

Power Cabinets

Industrial cabinet box

Pole Fabrication

Light Pole

Decorative Fence



Car Process



Elevator Industry


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