Press Brake for Bending Sheet Metal Plates

Press brake is a fabrication machine to press the brakes for bending sheet metal plates, It includes CNC press brake machines and hydraulic Press brake. The CNC brakes and hydraulic brake machines are available from 4 foot brakes to 1000 tons tandem press brakes. It is a piece of important bending process equipment in the sheet metal industry. It is also a simple and efficient choice with affordable prices.

The structure of the hydraulic press break includes the bracket, table, and clamping plate. It forms metal bends by clamping the workpiece between press brake dies. By using a matched punch and die tool. The metal plate can be bent several times for one desired shape during press brake operation. The bending press machine is generally narrow and long, so it can bend large metal plates. The bending force is also known as tonnage. Every hydraulic sheet metal press brake has a concentrated load limit in the center of the press. If the press brake operators use the wrong tonnage, It can damage the die or the part.

Intelligent control system


We carry the best in press brake bending technology. Our machine adopts a full steel structure, which is more stable for long run usage. Easy to work operation control system, with multi-language to choose from. Press brake Tooling included 1 pcs top punch, and 1 pcs lower die supported. Lifetime support & custom solution will save costs 10-20%. Want to book a model for you? Please contact us on how to operate a brake press machine? electric press brake, mechanical press, or servo electric types. We can guide you with the best model as the best CNC hydraulic press brake manufacturer in China.


General Applications

Power Cabinets

Industrial cabinet box

Pole Fabrication

Light Pole

Decorative Fence



Car Process



Elevator Industry


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