Press Brake Tooling for American & European style

Press Brake Tooling is a pressing Tool for American & European style, we offer Amada, Promecam, Trumpf, Wilson, Standard, and custom press brake tooling. It has a wide variety of sheet metal works precise bends in segmented and full-length. our Custom press brake Dies include gooseneck punch, Multi V Die, acute punch, etc. It is accurate, high efficiency, and flexible work with high performance.

This precision ground CNC Press Brake tooling consists of Punch, Dies, and Die Holder. It uses a tool clamp to connect quality press brake and Press Brake Dies. Then, the press brake punch forces the metal sheet plate into the die for desired shapes. It forms Pre-bends by clamping the work-piece between matching punches and dies.

We offer complete lines of press brake tools for all types of bending to meet your needs. It includes American standard, European, & Wila Trumpf Style tooling system. we fabricate the tool steel with heart & hard treating for a long run life, and consistent quality. The Press Brake Dies have a reputation for High quality, value, Integrity. If you need Amada style tooling, or Promecam, Trumpf, Rolleri style tooling, you can contact us for a press brake tooling catalogue .


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