Power Press Machine for Industrial Works

Power press machine is a stamping tool to cut, punch, press, form metal sheets for industrial works, It includes a hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical types. It has a wide variety of punching forces 10ton,20ton, 50ton, to 315ton. It is the most common type for high efficiency and productivity. The stamping press machine can meet the needs of mass production, high quality, and low cost.

C type Power press machine composes of a frame, bolster, a ram, clutch, flywheel, & crankshaft. The power press works on the principle of reforming the metal sheet by the required force. Upper and lower dies are attached to the ram. once the work piece is fed to the machine, the rotary motion of the flywheel, pressing, and shaping task is performed. The system designer specifies the proper point-of-operation guards to safeguard pressroom personnel.

Power Press is a multi purpose machine used in various industries for trimming, shaping, and pressing. The power Press machine is much easier to work with, in comparison to the manual effort. we offer a complete lines of pressing solutions & automation to meet your require.


General Applications

Power Cabinets

Industrial cabinet box

Pole Fabrication

Light Pole

Elevator Industry


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