Manual Press Brake for sheet metal forming works

Manual press brake is a manual type Bending Tool with a desired angle for sheet metal forming works, we supply custom, mechanical, hydraulic metal brake for metal processing. Manual press brakes are required to manually adjust the bending thickness and angles when used. It is the most common & economic type delivering precise bends. It is a cost effective choice for mild steel & stainless materials.

The manual press brake machine designed to form folds and bends for sheet metal works. it contains a worktable, supporters. and the clamping plate. The press brake operator lifts a sheet plate into a combined punch and die, and slides it til hits the backstop. and manual flips the sheet over for a second bends going the other direction. Manual press brake operation & setup are much more complex than other types.

This manual press brake ranged from a small manual metal brake to 600ton heavy-duty types. The mechanical press brake is easy to operate, and simple to maintain at a low cost. If you have any questions for press brake calculator, bending force, & angle adjustment. please contact us for a solution.

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