Hydraulic Shearing Machine for Steel Plate

Hydraulic shearing Machine is a hydraulic powered cutting tool for steel plate, we offer sheet metal cutting Guillotine shear, CNC, and swing beam shear. Hydraulic pressure works through two cylinders to force the ram and upper blade down. It can do this cutting sheet job with high efficiency and productivity. It is a cost-effective choice for less maintenance.

This hydraulic Shear consists of a Frame, hydraulic system, holders, shear blades. the hydraulic system Drives the hold-down cylinder to press the steel plate. the left and right oil cylinders to drive the moving blade up and down movement. both cutting blades fix on the blade holders adopt reasonable blade clearance. It can breaks sheet metal plates into required lengths with a fixed cutting angle. The blade gap adjustment can be made according to the wide variety of material thickness.

The Small Hydraulic Metal Shear adopts high-quality components for high strength & toughness. our hydraulic guillotine includes one top blade and a lower die, and square arms. We offer the cutting machine solution for mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. If you need an automatic, mechanical shear, or plate shearing, please contact us today.


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