Hydraulic Press Brake for Sheet Metal Industry

Hydraulic press brake is hydraulic powered metal press by bending punch into a die, we supply CNC, manual, hydraulic metal brakes for sheet metal industry. It is one of the most common hydraulic press brake machines with desired angles. This CNC hydraulic press brake has a full range of precise bends. It is also a simple and cost effective choice. When paired with a CNC control, it reduces job setup time and increases efficiency. Hydraulic press break has a wide range of tonnages and sizes.

Hydraulic sheet metal brakes are composed of a frame, hydraulic system, Hydraulic clamping, and Tools. It uses electric motors to drive the hydraulic cylinders. The pressure is transmitted from the plunger to mold onto the metal plate. It forms the bends between the punch and dies with adjustable pressure. This Press Brake Tooling can be changeable according to various bending shapes. and a small hydraulic press brake also can make more of a precise bend. The metal press brake has better control when inching down and setting up for your bend. They also can return to the top at any time. The hydraulic press benders use gear pumps that push the oil from side to side. This style of press is safer and most controllable than mechanical brakes. They are reliable, even without turning off the power, they can run all day when the machine is turned on.

The WC67Y hydraulic press brakes are engineered to handle your metal works jobs. We have 20 years of advanced experience. Whether you bend mild steel or stainless steel plate, our hydraulic fabrication brake can meet your needs. We use touch screen color controls to make the operation simple and intuitive. It’s versatile, accurate, rugged, and easy to maintain. Through advanced design, our hydraulic bending brake can achieve the best operator efficiency. We offer custom solutions from 100 tons to 3000 tons for small and Tandem press brakes. Please call us for hydraulic pan brake problems with air bending, tonnage, or tool options.


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