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Hydraulic Ironworker is a hydraulic powered tool for metal fabrication, It has a wide range of hydraulic ironworker machines from 50 tons to  200 tons. The Ironworker machine uses for shearing, cutting, notching, and punching. It has a quick change ping nut & sleeve, scale square arm, gauging table with stops, safety guards. The ironworker shear and punch has full pressure working speed with low noise. It is the best Hydraulic ironworker machine to create efficiency for precise cuts, and holes.

Ironworker punch press is widely used in bridge structural ornamental and reinforcing. The Hydraulic Ironworker consists of a frame, cylinder, driven device. The hydraulic system uses a pump to change prime mechanical power to liquid pressure. And it transfers this force by the valves and pipes fitting. Meanwhile, the cylinder converts the compression force to a lifting mechanical force. So it can active the work stations to achieve the movement. You can change the ironworker shear blades to your needs.

Hydraulic Ironworker has a welded steel structure iron for high strength on large projects. It has multi-purpose work stations for a dual operator to shear, notch, bend, cut, and punch holes. also, The 5 independent station designs can make sure work without interruption. It has a centralized lubrication system with union members. This powered punch and shear machine Q35Y series includes full sets of punches and dies. It is precise and safe work and easy maintenance. If you are not sure what is the best capable of tonnage, please call our Ironworker hotline +86 1500036 5105.


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Power Cabinets

Industrial cabinet box

Pole Fabrication

Light Pole

Elevator Industry


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