Guillotine Shear for cutting sheet metal plates

Guillotine shear is a Guillotine trimming machine for cutting sheet metal plates, we offer guillotine metal shears, including Hydraulic, CNC, and manual types. Hydraulic guillotine rake angle shear ensures high precision & efficient cuts. It has a four side edge cutting blade for long run life. the hydraulic guillotine shear for metal is simple to use for operators. It has stable quality with high components & high efficiency cutting features for every job.

Hydraulic guillotine sheet metal shear is the most common machinery for guillotine metal works. The guillotine shearing machine includes a shear table, holding device, blades, & back gauge. the hold-down cylinder is driven by the hydraulic system to press the steel plate. the left and right oil cylinder to drive the moving blade up and down movement. Adjustable rake cutting angle for different cutting thickness & rapid blade gap adjusted.

we adopt high quality sheet metal guillotine shear tool steel material: H13,9SrSi,6CrW2Si. The plate shearing has a wide variety of blade lengths up to 6 m and thickness 20-30 mm. The NC numerical control allows shear angle auto-adjustable. It has Front operated motorized back gauge of 750mm, and a 1000 mm side squaring arm. If you need a heavy duty guillotine metal shear, mechanical shear, or CNC, please check us for your cost-saving 20%.


How It Works?


The Shear makes Perfect cuts for your profile

Straight Line Cuts without deformation

Apply for aluminum, Stainless, and mild (low carbon) steel.

Automation with high accuracy

Flexibility length

Job Costing Analysis


Strips cutting


Sheet Plates

sheet cuts

Metal Lader

Press Brake bending Profile

FAQ- Frequently asked questions

Tensile strength can be defined as the maximum stress that a material can bear before breaking when it is allowed to be stretched or pulled.

Physical Properties             Metric                                           English
Machinability                          18.0 - 65.0 %                                 18.0 - 65.0 %
Shear Modulus                       62.1 - 86.5 GPa                             9000 - 12600 ksi
Shear Strength                       74.5 - 597 MPa                             10800 - 86600 psi
Izod Impact                            16.3 - 208 J                                    12.0 - 153 ft-lb

Shearing is performed by cutting through a piece of sheet metal with a blade that's most often affixed to a tool or machine. The cut is controlled by a squaring arm that allows a sheet of metal to be placed in a precise location.

Shearing( die cutting) is a process that cuts stock without the formation of metal chips . If the cutting blades are straight the process is called shearing; if the cutting blades are curved then they are shearing-type operations.

Hydraulic shearing machine is a kind of machine that uses the moving upper blade and fixed lower blade to apply shear force to metal plates of various thicknesses by using reasonable blade clearance, so as to break and separate the plates according to the required size.

Many factors can affect the configuration of the sheared edge. such as the cutting clearance, cutting angle, cutting blade sharpness, cutting speed, lubrication, sheet material parameters, tooling condition, tool wear, and strain rate


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