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CNC shearing machine is a CNC controlled sheet metal cutting machine for a wide variety, It includes Swing beam shearing machine and hydraulic guillotine shears. It has an automatic adjustment for cutting blade gap, precise screwball gauge, and back stopper positioning. The shear cutting machine is often used to cut sheet blanks with straight edges. and It feathers a easy to use controller and fast cut with high efficiency and productivity.

CNC high precision metal shearing machine adopts the CNC system and accumulator returns. The CNC shear consists of a shear table, hydraulic system, holding device, and a gauging device. The work-holding device is to hold the workpiece to keep it from moving. It uses an upper blade & a fixed lower blade to apply a shearing force for various thicknesses. It has a reasonable blade gap to break the sheets in the required size. Shearing operations are performed by the action of two blades. one fixed in the shear bed and the other moving blade vertically with little or no clearance. The straightness of the shear plate is 0.03mm/m and can be adjustable.

The CNC shear has an integrated welded structure to guarantee rigidity, and vibration for strength. Four side edges cutting tools for the long run life of the cutter. Back stopper equipped with linear guideway. precious ball screw, Max travel could be 1000mm. Servo motor control to increase positioning accuracy. An integrated hydraulic system can overcome leakage of oil, and reduce piping to increase the stability of working.


General Applications

Power Cabinets

Industrial cabinet box

Pole Fabrication

Light Pole

Elevator Industry


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