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CNC Press Brake is a bending machine with CNC retrofit controller for Sheet Metal Fabrication, and we provide multi-axis CNC back gauge for press brake. It has an automatic fast tools change and re-position accuracy to increase production. And feathered with precise bends at an affordable price. We are a leading CNC press brake manufacturer in advanced press brake bending technology.

The CNC press brake machine includes a frame structure, intelligent control with programming software, and tools. It uses a hydraulic servo system and a granting ruler for closed-loop control of the bends. This press brake can adjust the slide stroke and back gauge through the custom punch and die styles. It adopts a safety laser with finger protection and clamping for quick release. and software to write Profile and V bends, American, European Style CNC Press Brake Tooling.

Intelligent control system

The processing equipment can fabricate a full steel welded structure frame. It’s more stable with long time bends and usage. Our CNC hydraulic press brake has a friendly panel with a multi-language for more options. One set of matching punch and die tools are included. We offer custom solutions for various metal sheet plate thickness and process accuracy. If you are not sure about the right tonnage and CNC controller? Please contact us. JSTMT can guide you with the best suitable model.


General Applications

Power Cabinets

Industrial cabinet box

Pole Fabrication

Light Pole

Elevator Industry


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