CNC Lathe Machine for metal machining processes

CNC Lathe machine is a computer Numeric controlled turning machine tool for metal machining processes, CNC Lathe includes speed, engine, and turret lathe. The lathe works for cylinder, conical exterior, and outside surface. CNC lathe program with 2 axes to speed up the process of a manual lathe. CNC lathe made with high quality with a competitive solution for machining needs. This CNC metal lathe has a high speed, efficiency, and accuracy in technology manufacturing.

CNC Turning machines are capable of a wide variety of shapes, cuts, and details on a rotating work part. It produces precise turned parts with round or cylinder shapes. It includes a headstock, bed, chuck, tailstock, CNC Program, tool turret & spindle feeding. This lathe rotates a workpiece on a spindle to cut away excess material to form the shape. It uses a cutting tool & drill bits with various diameters to produce a symmetrical object. It can use for tapered turning, facing, and boring. The CNC controller works with the drive motor to move the shaft to complete the designed motion.

Lathe is commonly used in metal working & spinning. CNC horizontal lathe machines are designed for a rigid structure to reduces vibrations. Lathe machine operation is simple which can reduce labor & costs. an operator can operate several machines at the same time. CNC automatic lathe can reduce operator errors, and improving yield. CNC lathe axis can control the processing time, costs and reduce the waste material. Micro CNC lathe has become a huge part of the manufacturing industry. If you need a CNC turning center, a mini CNC lathe, or a Diy CNC lathe, please contact us for your CNC turning service.


General Applications

Power Cabinets

Industrial cabinet box

Pole Fabrication

Light Pole

Elevator Industry


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