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JSTMT is a worldwide Sheet Metal Machines & Tools Manufacturer in China, we offer Press Brake, Shearing Machine, Press Brake Tooling, Press, Ironworker. It’s used for sheet metal fabrication cutting, bending, stamping, and forming lines. It can improve press brake bending precision with desired shapes. It is a high quality sheet metal press machine for mild steel and stainless steel at an affordable price.

JSTMT has been in the sheet metal industry since 1985. We have Multi-task Machine centers, Boring & Milling machines, lathes facilities. They can provide a one-stop solution for our common & CNC sheet metal brake, and press brake dies. and It can build customer trust & satisfaction.

What is the JSTMT conception? We provide a wide range of sheet metal machinery & tools for the global market. We produce standard and custom hydraulic press brakes and power brake dies. It includes a piece of CNC sheet metal bending machine & Tooling sheet. Our goal is to make JSTMT one of the Leading global press brake manufacturers. our type of products can create more value for your efficiency and productivity. Our business conception: Innovation, Professional, Commitment, Quality & Solutions.

What JSMT can offer for after-Service? We have integrated R&D, advanced press brake bending technology, and Custom service. JSTMT can provide you the best solution at a cost effective price for your CNC metal brake machine. and our engineers will ensure the operation properly for hole cutters & gauge system. And we have a 12-month warranty for sheet metal machines and life long run support. If you are not sure of the tonnage force and bending process, or type of material, Welcome to contact for CNC press brake machines and metal brake tools with your own solutions.

  Why us? 

  • Metal Fabrication Equipment
  • Top 10 Manufacturing companies 
  •  Automation and technology
  • Full lines of cutting and folding machines
  • Advanced Bending Force technology
  • Efficient and productivity 
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Custom Solutions
  • Equipment Installation Services
  • International Marketing
  • Export Packing 
  • Worldwide service & support


  • Leading Sheet Metal Machines & Tools Manufacturers for Industrial Metal Works: CNC Press Brake Machine, Shearing Machine, Metal Brake tool, Punch Press Machine.
  • High Quality Control from Raw Material, ERP System, Processing Technicals, Export Packing.
  • Custom Solutions for metal press machine and metal press dies cost Saving 10-20%.
  • Shipping Solutions, Worldwide service & support.

Sheet metal fabrication tools for Sale

        Offer 24 Hours Free Service and Support

  • A Guaranteed Sheet Metal Machines & Tools Manufacturer
  • Metalworking Machines & Tools: Brake Press Machines, Shearing Machine, Press Brake Dies, Punch Press Machine, Ironworker
  • Wordwide support and service for solutions.

     Contact us at +86 21 5777 3892


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Sheet Metal Machines & Tools-yaskwa
Sheet Metal Machines & Tools-bosch
Sheet Metal Machines & Tools-siemens
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